Big Bang and B2ST Picked as Top Two Groups People Want Invited to School Celebrations

According to Star News through a survey, Big Bang and B2ST were picked as the two singers (groups) that people wanted invited to school celebrations. (In this case it isn’t clear what school celebrations are but I am assuming that this means the Large College Celebrations that Korean Universities have at the end of the school year)

The professional music site Monkey 3 had done a survey for “Singer that you would want to invite to a school celebration” that went on from April 21st to April 27th. The results were released on the 28th.

The survey had 530 respondents and out of them 34% voted Big Bang as number 1. According to Monkey 3 netizens explained their choice by saying, “Big Bang is the best performance group that would excite the atmosphere of a celebration,” “Big Bang merely coming to a celebration itself would be exciting.”

Second place went to B2ST that had 26% and overall third place and number one for girl groups was 2NE1. Overall fourth place went to 4 Minute. PSY and YB (Yoon Do Hyun’s Band) were each fifth and sixth place.

It is interesting to note that Big Bang and 2NE1 were high ranking as they are both a part of YG Entertainment. Also odd is the fact that other large groups such as Super Junior, SNSD, U-KISS, Wonder Girls, 2PM, and After School weren’t mentioned. (It makes the writer want to question the survey methods)