Park Bom Performs "Don’t Cry" Live on ‘YG On Air’

We reported yesterday that YGE announced the innovative launching of “YG On Air,” YGE’s very own online broadcasting channel in partnership with Naver. Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” recorded a perfect all-kill on, well, all the music charts, and fans have been asking for a live performance.

YGE heard the fans, and YGE delivered! Not only did Bom sing “Don’t Cry” live (which would have been more than enough), she sang an acoustic version with the accompaniment of guitarist Seo Wonjin, who played for Big Bang’s “Love Song,” as well as many other 2NE1 songs in the past.

All the 2NE1 were present to show their support for Bom, and announced that they will be making their comeback on May 12th. Minzy, Bom, and Dara almost had panic attacks when CL decided to be generous to 2NE1 fans and sing a tidbit of their newest song “Lonely” that is yet to be released. 

I’m a strong advocate of live performances over studio recordings any day, and Park Bom’s performance reaffirmed my beliefs. I found that I was able to focus on Bom’s voice more, as well as be able to hear the subtle details and inflections in her voice without the distractions and digital adjustments and effects.

Personally, though, I was a little disappointed that the performance wasn’t as “live” as thought it would be. The video was a prerecorded clip of approximately 10 minutes. Not that it made Bom sound any less amazing though. Below is just a clip of Bom singing.

Check it out!

Soompiers, what do you want YG to air on its next segment of “YG On Air”?