Hyun Bin “My Parents Were the First Thing I Could Think Of”

On May 1st, KBS2 aired Hyun Bin’sDocumentary of Three Days.” The documentary followed the Marine Corps’ Unit 1137’s 720 recruits as they went through their six week training boot camp. “Secret Garden’s” Hyun Bin, who goes by his actual name Kim Tae Pyung in the Marines, was part of the 720 recruits drawing much attention to the documentary.

Marine recruits who have successfully completed their training are awarded red insignias. In the documentary, Hyun Bin expressed, “Training has been rough and hard, but the thought of receiving my red insignia makes my heart flutter. I learned a lot about myself as I worked together with my fellow unit members.”

The documentary also captured Hyun Bin’s ecstatic expression as he received his badge. He confessed, “My parents were the first thing I could think of. My heart feels like it could burst. I feel like I can do almost anything right now.” Hyun Bin’s confidence and happiness was evident throughout the ceremony.

“Documentary of Three Days” recorded a rating of 13.6% in Seoul and 11.5% nationwide. Even when he’s in the army, he just can’t seem to get away from the spotlight; and it doesn’t seem like the “Hyun Bin effect” will die down anytime soon either. The actor is currently fulfilling his military duties at part of the 6th brigade in Baengnyeong Island.