Rain “I Don’t Usually Listen to My Songs”

World star Rain humorously commented that he doesn’t usually listen to his songs. During his interview with KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” while on flight to New York to attend the ‘TIME 100’ party, Rain was asked what he usually does in the plane and he answered “I usually eat nonstop. And then I go to the restroom, come back, and eat again. I listen to music as well.” 

To the follow-up question “Do you listen to your own music?”, Rain replied “It seems like a lot of people are curious whether I usually listen to my music. While I have all my songs in my mp3, I don’t listen to them at all. It’s because I already listened to the song over thousands of times.”

Also, when asked “Who do you want to meet the most at the ‘TIME 100’ party?,” Rain answered “President Obama and Oprah Winfrey. I want to take a photo with President Obama and hang it in my house.

After arriving in New York and attending the party, Rain stated, “If I get to ever attend the party again, I would really like to give a performance.”