T-ara’s Hyomin’s Hand-written Letter “Dear Fans♥”

T-ara’s Hyomin wrote a hand-written letter to her fans. On May 3rd, Hyomin tweeted “A love letter has arrived,” along with a photo of her yellow hand-written letter.

She started off the letter by saying “I got the courage to write a letter, thinking that it would help me convey my sincere thoughts. I was wearing a mask because of the high level of yellow dust, but I felt like I would be viewed as if I trying to say ‘I’m a celebrity,’ and people might say ‘I don’t know you anyway,’ so I just took it off and put it back in my bag.” She added, “Thank you for cheering and support me whenever I’m lonely and having a hard time. I will try my best to do well for this album, promotional activities in Japan, drama, and movie. I would appreciate that you point out parts that I need to work on to improve, but please also compliment me when I do well. I promise to repay what I have received.” Then she concluded the letter by stating “Hoping we become a bit closer.

Fans who have read the letter commented, “I’m so touched. Not only do you have a pretty face but also are kind-hearted,” “I think Hyomin is the only celebrity to ever write a hand-written letter to the fans when it’s not even a written apology for doing something wrong.”