Girl’s Day Minah’s Cameo Appearance on “Baby Faced Beauty”

KBS 2’s “Baby Faced Beauty” is a new Monday Tuesday that began broadcasting on May 2nd which has Jang Nara and Choi Daniel cast as the main roles. According to Break News, Girl’s Day’s Minah will be appearing on the 1st and 6th episode as a cameo.

“Baby Faced Beauty” itself is about a beautiful woman who breaks her prejudiced views on age and “Specs” (The Korean word describing a person’s specifications, their diploma, salary, family background etc.) and gains both love and work. Minah will play the role of a new employee that is trying to take Jang Nara’s position at the company they both work.

Minah talked about her cameo, “I was very nervous because the role was both fun and extremely nervous,” “although acting is a lot more difficult than singing and dancing I will study acting and want to try different roles.

In other news, Girl’s Day’s third single album “Twinkle Twinkle” has been on Take7 for seven weeks straight on SBS’s “Ingigayo.”