Soompi Daily Digest – May 3rd, 2011

Here we bring a daily run-through of our top stories for each day. It’ll serve as your daily digest for all things KPOP!

Top Stories of the Day:

1) Three girl groups each backed by prominent U.S. producers are set for a clash in the States. (

2) Lee Seung Gi’s been in the entertainment industry for eight years—yet he only has three female celebs’ numbers in his contact list! (

3) After School works just like a school—Find out what that actually means. (

4) Read a full albums and singles preview for this week. (

5) Jang Geun Suk became only the second male solo artist in Japan’s Oricon charts history to take the top spot with his debut single. (

6) Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Donghae are cast together in the Taiwanese drama “Fancy Challenge.” (

7) JYJ Yoochun’s scheduled appearance on MBC “Come To Play” got cancelled—could it be because of SME’s influence? (

8) Check out these “Neon Matrix” photos of actress Kim So Eun. (

9) [Listen] You can listen to the top 50 songs of Soompi’s Music Chart in just 30 minutes! (

10)  IU and Kim Yuna will meet together for the filming of “I Like Sunday Part 2 – Kiss and Cry,” an ice skating variety show. (

Photo of the Day:

4Minute released this photo of them hitting up the famous burger joint only found in the West Coast! (

Tweet of the Day:

“A love letter has arrived.” T-ara’s Hyomin wrote a handwritten letter to her fans. She said “I got the courage to write a letter, thinking that it would help me convey my sincere thoughts…Hope we become a bit closer.” (

Quote of the Day:

“Please stop with the plastic surgery~~^^ You’re fine as you are.”Hyori tweeted this message to ZE:A’s Kwang Hee, who’s admitted to receiving a number of plastic surgeries prior to his debut. (

Release of the Day:

Korean-American group Aziatix released a full music video of their debut track “Go.” (

Best Person of the Day:

Will.I.Am – The star rapper/producer of Black Eyed Peas made a surprise visit to Seoul and met with the members of 2NE1 at the YG headquarters. He had a four hour meeting with Yang Hyun Suk and Teddy to discuss 2NE1’s future promotions in the States—great things are coming! (