Why Did Jay Park Meet Up with Will.i.am?

On May 3rd, Jay Park (also known as Park Jae Beom in Korea) met with rapper/producer Will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas. The meeting between the world’s best producer and Korea’s popular music artist has stirred many interests, and fans started speculating Park’s possible expansion into the American market.

Currently, Jay Park is enjoying the success of his first solo mini-album “Take a Deeper Look,” released late April. His title track “Abandoned” has been taking home the top spot in various music rankings.

Jay Park stated, “I had the chance to catch up with Will.i.am because he and my manager in the States were close friends. We met for personal reasons, and had nothing to do with business.” He added, “We talked a lot about our common interests like music. I am thinking about expanding into America, but we didn’t discuss working together in specific details yet. He did mention that it would be nice if I came to Los Angeles.”

Will.i.am met up with girl group 2NE1 on Monday at the YG Entertainment headquarters. The well-known producer has worked with them multiple times in New York, Los Angeles, and London.