Lee Hyori’s Lovely Date with Her Dog Soonshim

Sexy star Lee Hyori revealed a self-taken photo of her enjoying a lovely date with her dog Soonshim, which she had adopted from the shelter. The two seem like they were out for a nice walk together. On May 3rd, she tweeted a couple photo taken with Soonshim, along with description “The sunset is so beautiful during a date with Soonshim.”

In the photo, Lee Hyori is wearing a hat without any make-up and staring at the camera while holding Soonshim in her arms. Her infinite love toward dogs can be felt from the lovely way she stares at Soonshim.

Netizens have commented “I should track where that trail is,” “She has so much love for dogs,” “She just recently joined twitter and seems to be so into it.”