Nichkhun is Married According to Thai Newspaper?!

According to Korean newspaper ISPLUS, a Thai newspaper falsely reported that Nichkhun is married! Nichkhun, along with his family and JYP Entertainment employees, recently visited the hospital where Thailand’s King Phumiphon Adunyadet is receiving medical treatment. As Thailand’s popular newspaper covered Nichkhun’s visit to the hospital, they mistakenly reported “Nichkhun visited the hospital to see the King with his mom and wife” although he’s not married yet!

The lady misidentified as “Nichkhun’s wife’ in the report turns out to be a female employee from JYP Entertainment’s PR department. It seems that the reporter mistakenly assumed that the female employee was Nichkhun’s wife. The female employee is stunningly beautiful and has in the past competed for Miss University while in college.

His agency claimed, “Celebrities who visit Thailand often come to see the King. Thai fans were very proud of Nichkhun for visiting the King in the hospital. However, we were surprised by the false report of Nichkhun having a ‘wife.’”

*Update: It came to our attention that this news article was falsely reported by Korean media. Soompiers have told us that the Thai news article in fact does that say Nickhun is married, and we apologize for citing a Korean article without proper fact checking.