Miss A’s Suzy the Arm Wrestling Queen!

Miss A’s Suzy triumphed to become the arm wrestling queen! Suzy appeared on KBS’s “100 Points Out of 100 Point National Idol Star Sports Festival” which was aired on May 7th and easily conquered T-ara’s Soyeon in an arm wrestling match. Soon after, she also defeated Brave Girls’ Eunyoung. However, after expending a large amount of energy from her previous matches, she ended up losing in a match with Five Dolls’ Eun Kyo. Yet, Suzy’s ‘Jeollado & Jeju team’ still was able to defeat the Gyeongsangdo team and Seoul team and were crowned the winners.

Netizens who have seen Suzy’s arm wrestling matches have stated, “’Giant Baby’ Suzy is an arm wrestling queen,” “Wow she has strong arms,” “It’s unbelievable how she exerts that kind of power while having such a pretty face,” “She dominated female idols with her power,” “She’s the next Yoon Eun Hye with incredible strength.”