After School’s Tap Dance Exalted Among Tap Dancers Worldwide

 Tap dancers worldwide acclaimed After School’s tap dance, commenting that it’s “perfect”!

Joseph Wiggan, a world renowned tap dancer, recently stated “I recently saw After School’s tap dance M/V on Youtube and they seem to be a stunningly appealing group. It looks like they would be able to excel internationally as well, beyond the Korean market.”

Furthermore, according to Korean tap dancers overseas, After School’s tap dance has been receiving rave reviews from tap dancers from all over the world and the “Let’s Step up!” M/V has gone viral through various foreign video and portal websites.

Fans have expressed excitement over the great news as they commented “I’m so proud of After School,” “I think they feature the best performance,” “I want to see more tap dance performances!!”

Meanwhile, After School is enjoying immense popularity once again these days by featuring tap dance in their recent song “Shampoo.”