Who Has the Sexiest Dance? (Female Solo)

Disclaimer: this list is based on the author’s own opinion. If you disagree with me, tell me about it! This list will only contain sexy dances done by female solos. 


Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Invitation



Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Invitation” is pretty much the first sexy song for a solo singer and she caused a lot of controversy in her time. The lyrics were very suggestive and controversial when it came out in the December of 1999. The story of the song is something like this, Uhm Jung Hwa has been waiting for this night tonight and is inviting her guy over. The music video also gained a lot of attention as it depicted her getting a massage, revealing her back in all of its glory.


Park Ji Yoon’s “Sung In Shik

(Which roughly means, coming of age ceremony or adult ceremony)



This song came out in the August of the year 2000 and became an instant classic. As you can tell by the title of the song, Park Ji Yoon is now an adult and telling you, “I know what you want, why are you hesitating, I am not a young girl anymore.” “I’ve been waiting for today just like you have, now I close my eyes.” Whew, definitely hot.


The Battle Between Lee Hyori, Chae Yeon, and Ivy

After Park Ji Yoon, there was a brief stint of Ha Ji Won performing Wax’s “Oppa” and some girl groups also going with the sexy concept but they weren’t much compared to the time when Lee Hyori took the stage as a solo star. Afterwards Chae Yeon and Ivy also joined the fray and basically there was a “sexy rivarly” going on between these divas.

Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes



The concept of the song was that she could steal a guy from “typical” girls if she just had 10 minutes with him. This song was also a big hit when it was released in the August of 2003. Lee Hyori had cast aside her fairy concept that ended with F.I.N.K.L and became a sexy force on her own.


Chae Yeon’s “Two of Us



Of course Chae Yeon debuted around the time Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes” was released but this song in particular is imprinted in my memory as her sexy debut. Besides her status as a sexy diva she also rose to fame on the tv show “X-Man” and there was a love line between her and Kim Jong Kook.

Ivy’s “A-Ha

Ivy in her own right was a true sexy diva. Her body and dance moves were constantly compared with Lee Hyori and Chae Yeon. Her songs observed in comparison with the two others are very similar in that their concept is seducing men.

She had a “chair dance” that was an instant hit and probably led to other singers doing similar dances improving on this concept.

Ivy had a relationship with Wheesung, but she shocked the Kpop world when Wheesung confessed that Ivy was two timing him. That scandal brought down her image and afterwards she wasn’t able to have a succesful comeback.

Seo In Young “I Want You

To be honest, I didn’t know Seo In Young too well, as I wasn’t listening to Kpop much when she rose to fame. However, I do remember people always talking about her, due to her body and seductive songs. Watching her clips I can understand why she was generating so much buzz. She appears with Chae Yeon in this clip for the song, “I Want You.”

Son Dambi’s “I Am Crazy” (Crazy)

Son Dambi, Son Dambi, SON DAMBI! Words can’t express her sexiness!!! In my mind, she pretty much brought back the whole concept of sexy solo divas. She also broke the mold of typical female solo songs in the past with this song. Son Dambi was talking about how she was driven mad after a guy had left her! That was a fresh new concept for sexy.


Boa’s “My Name Is

Boa is more cute than sexy, but I had to include her on the list because she was one of the biggest solo female singers in the whole Kpop industry! Many of her songs were big hits and she moved from concept to concept.
On the Bottom is a List of More Recent Solo Female Acts!


Hyuna’s “Change


Solbi’s “Do It Do It

Gahee’s “Come Back You Bad Person

G.NA’s “Black & White



DavichiMy Man


*Yeah I know they don’t really belong on this list, they’re a duo but their music video was hot!*

Hope you enjoyed this list, and don’t forget to tell me who YOU think was the sexiest!

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