[Exclusive] 2NE1's "Lonely" Soompi Preview

YG Entertainment and Soompi have teamed up again to give you a written preview of the new 2NE1 digital single “Lonely.”  The soon to be released MV teaser will add to the excitement of the digital single release later this week on Thursday.  Can this be a taste of the sounds we are to hear for the future 2NE1 and will.i.am project?  The sound is unlike any of the songs which we heard on the “To Anyone” album.

The sound. . .

The digital single “Lonely” has an acoustic sound to it interlaced with string instrumentals (violin/cello) throughout the song (heard in the first preview above).  The acoustic sound is very pleasing to hear and is accompanied by vocal sets by the individual members which include sets sung in unison.  The distinct sounds of a cello (some type of string instrument) fade in and out with the chorus sections of the song.  It has a very chill and relaxing melody with the acoustic guitar playing throughout.  Based on the songs which 2NE1 released in “To Anyone,” Park Bom’s “You and I” has a similar slow melody also portrayed in this song.  The group reveals more of their superb English skills as they incorporate more vocals sung in English, other than those used in the chorus.

The flow. . .

The song starts off with the acoustic guitar followed by the charismatic vocal sound of CL (first preview).  After the first short vocal set Minzy takes over in the second set (second preview).  Minzy’s voice throughout the song sounds emotionally warming.  As much credit as I have given Bom for her vocals in the past, none of this vocal talent is lost in any of the other 2NE1 members.  The third vocal set is picked up by Dara (third preview), she has a fresh sound with a harmonious set (it sounded like the other members also sang in harmony with Dara).  Bom sings the last vocal set leading into the chorus, “Baby I’m sorry, I’m so lonely, lonely, lonely. . .”   This delivery of each member is followed throughout the song.

The song portrays all of their vocal talents.  The pure vocals without any voice synthesizing keeps you singing along, “Baby I’m sorry, I’m so lonely, lonely, lonely. . . Baby, I’m lonely, lonely, lonely. . .”  The last verse in the song includes and ends with the English vocal set “Cause I’m just another girl, I’m tired of being lonely, lonely, lonely. . .”

Summing it up. . .

The majority of the songs that we have heard from 2NE1 in the past have been upbeat and had the sort of bad girl funk to the song.  This new song is harmonious, pleasing to listen to and great instrumentals with the acoustic guitar and accompanying string instruments.  I loved the fact that you could hear the crisp sound of each member’s vocals, CL’s powerful and charismatic, Minzy’s so warm and emotional, Dara’s harmonious and fresh and Bom’s unique and stunningly soulful voice.

2NE1 is back 🙂 thank you YG Entertainment.   





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