2NE1: Will.I.Am Lauds “Lonely" but No Plans for TV Promos

YG Entertainment released more information on 2NE1’s upcoming new single, “Lonely,” today through their official blog, YG-Life. Scheduled for release at midnight on May 12th, YGE described “Lonely” as a “pop slow” track involving heavy acoustic sounds (See here for Soompi’s exclusive preview article). What’s more interesting is that Will.I.Am, the rapper/producer of Black Eyed Peas, who last week visited the YG Headquarters to meet the girl group, said after hearing the song, “I think it’s going to be a massive hit. I thought the drum beats were going to come out but it didn’t at all—and that was very refreshing.” YGE explained the reason for this is because “Lonely” is 100% based on analogue sound and doesn’t have any electronics, or auto-tunes, in the back ground.

In the mean time, YGE added 2NE1 has no plans for TV promotions for “Lonely.” The group wants to start their TV promotions with a track that allows for more performance, or choreography, and therefore, their new single won’t be promoted on any of the TV shows. However, they will give the first live performance of “Lonely” this Friday on May 13th through “YG On Air,” YGE’s online broadcasting channel. As mentioned previously, 2NE1 will continue to release new tracks every three weeks, for a total of six new songs, and their mini album is set for release on June 23rd.