Etude House Releases Sandara Park’s Sweet Vacation Teaser

The recently released teaser of Sandara Park’s “Summer Episode” for cosmetic brand Etude House has been creating a lot of buzz lately. On May 11th, Etude House revealed their new “Henna Fix Proof 10 Waterproof Mascara,” along with Sandara Park’s “Just Stay As It Is” campaign in the “Summer Episode” teaser.

The “Summer Episode” was created under the theme of Sandara transformed into a lovely and playful ‘Aloha Girl’ enjoying a ‘sweet vacation’ on the beach. Prior to the release of the full version, three different episodes were revealed: “Catch Me Dara” where she strolls along the beach dressed in a lovely flower printed dress, “Playing in Water Dara” where she has fun in the pool, and “Rocker Dara” where she playfully head bangs while listening to music near fountains.

Some netizens who have seen the teaser commented, “It feels like it’s already summer. I want to go to the beach,” “I think she’s turning cuter every year,” “So if I use that mascara like Sandara, I wouldn’t have to worry about my makeup smudging in summer?

Meanwhile, the full version of the Sandara’s “Summer Episode” will be released on the 18th. Check out Sandara’s charming and sunny teaser below! �de09