Miss A’s Suzy Sheds Tears While Filming ‘Dalgona’…Why?

Miss A’s Suzy shed tears while shooting SBS’s “Sweet Hometown Outing (Dalgona).” Suzy filmed the recent episode of “Dalgona” along with her beloved parents and younger brother from her hometown Kwangju and her childhood friends. Suzy, who mentioned that she’s sad that she can’t visit her hometown often due to her busy promotional activities, seemed thrilled to see her parents on screen whom she was unable to meet for quite a while.

While she remained bright and cheerful in the beginning of the shoot, she ended up shedding tears when her mom started reading a letter to her. Likewise, Suzy’s mom cried as she saw her young daughter who is away from home, working in the show biz.

Suzy’s childhood friends also made her burst into tears. As soon as her childhood friends that she used to always hang out since elementary school appeared on screen, she started sobbing in reminiscence of the memories they shared together. Her friends who decided to appear on the show because they missed her and wanted to see her also started crying as well.

The episode of “Sweet Hometown Outing (Dalgona)” featuring Suzy and her family and friends will be aired on the 13th.