Han Chae Young Shows Off Her Sexy Abs and Flawless Body Line

Actress Han Chae Young captivated the viewers with her sizzling abs and flawless curves. On the May 12th, SBS’s “Night of TV Entertainment” featured Han Chae Young shooting a photo spread for denim brand True Religion.

Han Chae Young displayed her seductive charms as she flaunted her flawless, manikin body line while posing and was donned in various denim fashion items from hot pants to denim jackets. Even the staff on the set were marveled by her actual physique which is more perfect than any retouched or photoshopped version of the photos.

When the reporter, who had been watching Han Chae Young shoot the photo spread with a male model, playfully asked “Doesn’t your husband get jealous when you shoot scenes with physical affection with a male model?” the actress replied, “I just found out about this scene when I came here. But I already shot it, so what can I do about it?” making everyone in the set burst into laughter.

Known for her trademark long slim legs and sexy curves, the actress confessed “Actually, when I wear clothes, the arm and leg lengths are a bit short for me sometimes.” To the question “What part your body are you most confident of?” Han Chae Young chose her “natural long legs.” The reporter asked “Exactly how long are they?” and both stood up to compare their leg length. It was easily noticeable how relatively long her legs were!

Along with this, when her sexy abs and everyday photos were revealed, viewers enthusiastically responded, “Is she a person or a doll or a manikin, I feel left out,” “Perfect, I’m so jealous,” “She’s not human but a Barbie doll,” “Wow… eye-catching physique,” “Celebrities are sure different.”