DBSK To Endorse Shilla Duty Free Shopping

Boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) has been chosen as the new face of Shilla Duty Free Shopping. Representatives of Shilla Duty Free Shopping stated, “DBSK is not only popular among twenty and thirty-year old females in Korea, but also among young people in Japan, China, and other Southeast Asian countries. We felt their international popularity were in line with our global marketing strategies.”

 The concept of the shoot was “My Dramatic Trip: My Journey Begins,” and three different commercials will be released. The ads will be shown as three mini-dramas about love and friendship and took place at Shilla Duty Free boutiques. The commercials will feature Yunho and Changmin’s different charms and will appeal to DBSK fans everywhere.

Shilla Dut Free is only one of DBSK’s illustrious endorsement deals. They’ve recently shot ads for global beverage company Pepsi Cola and Japanese holding company Seven and i Holdings.

 DBSK’s Shilla Duty Free Shopping’s commercial will air this June.

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