2NE1 Dara Gives Lecture at Yonsei University

2NE1’s Dara gave a special lecture today at Yonsei University on the topic of consumer behavior and marketing. Local media reported that the star singer spoke for about an hour and a half on her experience of starting out as a celebrity in the Philippines, returning to Korea as a trainee, and eventually reaching global stardom as part of 2NE1. Her real life experience of working in multiple countries and interacting with consumers of different backgrounds were the primary reasons for her invitation. According to YG Entertainment, today’s special lecture was organized as part of the “YG Idealist,” a joint project between YGE and Yonsei to encourage more interest in the consumer marketing industry.


In the mean time, Dara posted these photos of her heading to the lecture on her me2day account. “Now I’m heading to Yonsei, go go go! How do I look? Do I look like a good girl??? ^^;;; I hope I don’t make any mistakes today! And I wish the atmosphere’s fine too. Hope the students don’t get bored either^^” she said prior to the lecture. Later, she followed up after her speech by saying, “Manager Park’s (Dara’s nickname) consumer behavior class has ended!!! I would like to thank Professor Lee and his students for listening to my lecture^^ I hope I wasn’t a bad influence to your class! +.+ My heart is still pounding!” Looks like she toned down a bit for the lecture but her fashion sense never ceases to amaze us!