Tony Ahn Reveals His Daily Life in ELLE Photo Spread

Tony Ahn, who has recently released his latest album “Top Star” in four years, has revealed his daily life in the latest ELLE photo spread. In the photos, Tony Ahn features a “cha-do-nam” (cold-hearted, urban guy) image sporting casual jackets, dress shirts, and knit cardigans.

In the interview held during the photo shoot, Tony Ahn stated “During my H.O.T years, I had to live the way that everyone expected me to live. Now that I’m a solo artist, I was pressured by the thought that I shouldn’t damage H.O.T’s reputation.” He added, “It was only after I finished my military duties that I was able to start my life of ordinary ‘Ahn Seung Ho.’”

Tony Ahn also revealed his daily routine, “I wake up at seven in the morning every day. After I finish company work, shoot shows, and have business meetings with work related people, it’s about midnight when I arrive home. I have several things going on right now such as music, variety shows, own business, and the most difficult one is producing new artists.” And it turns out that Tony Ahn is a huge fan of American tv dramas! He stated, “The only hobby I have is watching American TV dramas. Since I’m watching about seventeen U.S. dramas these days, I’d say I’m watching almost all of them.”

Tony Ahn is producing an album of the new male idol group, known to be the next H.O.T, and planning on revealing the group this September.