Lee Min Ho confessed that he had “negative perceptions of idol stars who make the transformation into actors” at the press conference of SBS’s drama “City Hunter.” This is the second time for the actor to act with idol stars in a drama, as he first acted with 2AM’s Im Seul Ong in “Personal Taste” and is currently acting with KARA’s Goo Hara in “City Hunter.”

In “City Hunter,” Lee Min Ho will be acting Lee Youn Sung, a national communications network agent who has received his Ph.D from MIT and works for the Blue House. While the agent is originally bright and warm-hearted, he transformed into a city hunter in order to pursue his righteous faith and constantly suffers from loneliness.

Lee Min Ho, who has been shooting “City Hunter” alongside Goo Hara, stated “To be honest, I had some negative perceptions of idol stars acting. Usually rookie actors go through difficult periods in obtaining a role. Yet, there were many situations where the idol group members would just get the roles relatively easily and this hurt my pride.” He added, “However, as I have seen Im Seul Ong and Goo Hara acting, I felt that they weren’t easily debuting as actors and acting. I sensed that they have put in enough effort.”

“City Hunter” will air its first episode on May 25th.