Amber and Hyun Ah Show Off Their Intimate Friendship

F(x)’s Amber and 4minute’s Hyun Ah showed off their close friendship by revealing a cute photo that they took together. Yesterday, Amber posted on her me2day the following photo, along with the description “Hyun Ah asked me to take a photo together so I can’t say no.” 

In the photo, Amber is posing intimately with Hyun Ah while sporting blond hair and an ear mike. Hyun Ah is making a cute facial expression by blowing her cheeks up while sporting a black ribbon hair band.

Netizens have responded enthusiastically, “The two cuties!,” “You two… make a great picture together?!,” “Both of you are so cute,” “Are you allowed to be this cute?,” “Black and white harmony?”.

Meanwhile, f(x) has released their latest official album on April 20th and currently promoting their title track “Pinocchio.” 4minute is also currently holding promotional activities for their new song “Heart to Heart.”

Source: Star News