Countdown for “Dream High 2” Production Begins: Targeting to Air Next January

KBS’s hit drama “Dream High” has begun its countdown for the production of season 2. “Dream High” which was drama produced in collaboration between Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young’s agency was aired earlier this year. The drama was about the dreams and love of arts high school students who desire to become stars. Along with rookie actor Kim Soo Hyun achieving stardom, various idol stars such as Suzy, IU, Taecyeon, Woo Young enjoyed much popularity by demonstrating their potentials as actors.

Shortly after the drama ended, there were high expectations of the production of season 2 in broadcast circles. The production company Holym was flooded with requests for season 2 of the drama and has indicated a positive position about it.

A representative of Holym stated over a phone interview with OSEN today, “We are currently in the process of working on the script with the goal of airing season 2 next January. We have finished discussing with KBS about season 2’s time slot and once we’re done with the script, we will start the casting process.”

The representative also hinted, “It’s not clear yet whether season 2 will be an extension to season 1 or it will cover a whole new story. We are currently reviewing all possibilities from various angles.”

This sure is exciting news! Can’t wait for “Dream High 2″ to air! Which idol star would you like to see in “Dream High 2”? �de09

Source: OSEN