2NE1’s First “Lonely” Live Performance and Footage of Big Bang’s Chiba Concert

2NE1 gave their first live performance of “Lonely” on today’s “YG on Air,” which also featured footage of Big Bang’s Chiba Concert in Japan.

“Lonely” has been dominating Korean music charts since its release last week, but the group never gave a live performance of the song reasoning it didn’t involve much choreography for TV. The group later revealed that they would make one live appearance on SBS “Inkigayo” on May 29th; however, ahead of their only TV promotion for “Lonely,” the group decided to sing live on YG’s exclusive online channel first. The “Lonely” live performance begins from the 6:22 mark on the video.

Prior to 2NE1’s live performance, today’s “YG on Air” featured video footage of Big Bang’s Japanese concert tour in Chiba. Chiba was the second destination of their “Love & Hope” concert tour. The video shows Big Bang’s explosive popularity and on-stage professionalism, not to mention their playful side back stage. Enjoy the video below!

If you’re in Korea, see the video here. In other countries, you can see it here.