Minzy’s Me2day CF

Following fellow member Sandara Park’s CF, 2NE1’s maknae, Minzy, has released a CF promoting me2day. For those who are un-aware of what me2day is, it is often described as a “Korean twitter,” and is a micro-blogging site.

As you can see all the members of 2NE1 are shown and they look more beautiful than ever. After watching this CF a few times, (due to the fact Minzy is so adorable,) I noticed that these CF’s were much more in-depth than first meets the eye.

For those who do not know lots about the invidual members, member Park Bom seems to be rather addicted to corn. It seems to be a re-occuring joke and pops up from time to time, with their trainer even talking about it. With this in mind, watch the video again, and you will notice that the girls are eating corn! I am almost 99.999% certain that this was no mistake. Even leader CL has not strayed too far as she is eating what looks like popcorn, close enough!

Ever since the release of their single “Lonely,” these four talented stars seem different to me. They have retained their innocent beauty, (especially the ever fresh faced Minzy,) but they seem to exude a more mature vibe now. This is most likely due to their constant hard work, but also the evolution of their music.

What do you think of Minzy’s CF? Are you finding it hard to deal with the cuteness?

Source: 21bangs.com