Teaser for Will.I.Am Talking About 2ne1 with tvN

Will.I.Am and 2NE1 are certainly not strangers, be it him meeting up with them in Korea or worrying about them being in Japan during the recent disasters, he certainly feels a connection with them.

Recently, he talked with tvN in an interview and he talked about how 2NE1 would he “huge,” which coming from a global star from the Black Eyed Peas, that means something.

So far only a teaser is released so check it out below.

2NE1 couldn’t have joined with a better person to help them break the American market and it seems like he has complete faith in them, which is exciting!

Depending on how you look at it, these girls are lucky to have such a mentor and he is lucky to be spending time with the next generation of talent. Either way, I can see nothing but success in the future of this pairing!

Source: kazzzyness on Youtube