Goo Hara Reveals Her Shimmering Honey Skin

Kara’s Goo Hara recently unveiled flawless photos of herself on her Cyworld. On the 21st, she posted on the following two photos and wrote “Hara Goo. A little late, but my rice plant hair style.”

In the photos, she revealed her forehead by braiding her right side hair in a rice plant shaped way. Although the photos were taken up close, about 30 cm from the camera, she looks flawless in them with her glowing white skin and gorgeous eyes.

Netizens have reacted, “She still looks like a high school student to me,” “It seems like it would take a long time to prepare that hairstyle,” “Goo Hara can pull off any type of hairstyle.”

Goo Hara will make her acting debut through the drama “City Hunter,” which will air its first episode on the 25th.

 Source: IS PLUS