JYJ’s Yoo Chun Enjoying Baseball Date with Tablo’s Wife Kang Hye Jung

Recently, Park Yoo Chun and Kang Hye Jung went on a baseball date for their upcoming drama “Ripley.” Park Yoo Chun plays Song Yoo Hyun, a good looking guy with the perfect life; while Kang Hye Jung plays Na Hee Joo, a pure and wholesome girl who grew up as an orphan.

The two have a series of coincidental meetings after running into each other for the first time at a hotel. Then like fate, they realize that his best friend is her cousin, and thus, the two become friends.

Song Yoo Hyun and Na Hee Joo plan a baseball outing inviting their friends as a double date – only it’s not a “date.” But as fate would have it, both of their friends, Ha Chul Jin (Lee Sang Yup) and Jang Mi Ri (Lee Da Hae), cancel at the last minute.

The filming took place on May 3rd at the Mokdong Stadium in Seoul, and Park Yoo Chun and Kang Hye Jung cheered their hearts out at the “game.” Both actors are known to be avid fans of the sport. Representatives of the production company stated, “We were able to capture Park Yoo Chun and Kang Hye Jung’s realistic and passionate cheers for the baseball game scene.”

Melodrama “Ripley” centers around an ambitious woman who does anything and everything she can to gain whatever she wants – that is until her extensive lies catch up to her. Actors Lee Da Hae and Kim Seung Woo join Park Yoo Chun and Kang Hye Jung as leads. “Ripley” premieres this coming Monday, May 30th.