G.NA Unveils Her Lovely Date with Mom

G.NA revealed photos of her sweet date with her mom. On the 23rd, G.NA tweeted “Date with mom in quite a while. Don’t we look quite alike? ^^ We’re busy talking to each other. I love you mother!~” along with two photos.

In the photo, G.NA is a having relaxing time with her mom at a café, enjoying coffee and cake. She is sporting a black hat and a casual white t-shirt which slightly reveals her shoulder, while flashing a bright smile while her date with her mom.

Netizens have commented “G.NA is beautiful because she resembles her mom,” “The two don’t look like mom and daughter but rather aunt and niece,” “G.NA is naturally beautiful.

Meanwhile, G.NA’s “Because You Are My Man,” the OST for MBC’s drama “Greatest Love,” has been enjoying great popularity. Also, she released a new digital single titled “Count On Me” along with Lee Ki Chan on the 12th.