G-Dragon on CNN’s List of “50 Reasons Why Seoul is the World’s Greatest City”

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon has been selected by CNN as one of the reasons why Seoul is considered as one of the most awesome cities. He was introduced in an article entitled “50 Reasons Why Seoul is the World’s Greatest City” on CNN GO (http://www.cnngo.com).

The CNN article stated, “There’s a reason Asian tourists have ranked Seoul as their favorite world city three years in a row. Actually, there are 50 of them,” enlisting various reasons related to Korean culture and tradition such as Bibimbap, Kimchi, Korean saunas (jjimjilbangs), and Taekwondo. G-Dragon, alongside Yuna Kim, made it on the list of 50 reasons.

The article introduced G Dragon as the following: “Since debuting in 2006, the audacious leader of Big Bang has thrilled Seoul fashionistas with fierce fashion — Alexander McQueen silk skull scarves, wedge loafers, skirts! Best fashion moment: head-to-toe vintage Chanel — complete with a retro headband — and Kanye West Louis Vuitton neon high tops for the group’s concert Big Show 2008.

Netizens who have heard the news were excited, commenting “I’m so proud of him that I almost got goose bumps,” “Even I feel great,” “CNN knows how to recognize the right people.”

Source: CNN Go