Will.I.Am Talks about 2NE1 on "People Inside"

Will.I.Am really does love 2NE1. He has worried about them, he has met them in Korea, and now he wants to help make them a worldwide sensation. He is already world famous for production work and for being part of the group the Black Eyed Peas, but now he wants to be known as one of the people who brought Kpop to the world.

Talking on Baek Ji Yeon’s “People Inside” on Monday he talked about how he wants to be known for bringing them to the attention of the world because he truly believes in them. Love him or hate him, the Black Eyed Peas have sold over 27 million records world wide, and combining this with singles sales it reaches over 40 million– so when Will.I.Am considers a group “special,” you just know 2NE1 are destined for something. 

Could they be the group to finally bring Kpop into mainstream media in countries in Europe or even America? Will.I.Am thinks so. Check out his thoughts on 2NE1 below

Source: 2NE1 Official Youtube