2NE1’s “Lonely” Seen More Than 7 Million Times on YouTube

The total YouTube view count for 2NE1’s latest single “Lonely” has surpassed seven million today. The “Lonely” MV has been setting new view count records on YouTube since its release on May 12th as it reached the 3 million mark on the day of its release and broke the 5 million milestone within a week on May 19th.

Also, the latest MV of 2NE1 was the most watched video on YouTube’s music category in six different countries, including Korea and France. The geography of traffic source also varies, as they have been flowing in from not just Asia, but North America, Latin America, Europe, and even Africa.

Soompi provided an exclusive preview to “Lonely,” which is linked to their official YouTube channel, so please make sure to check it out for a better understanding of the song!

Source: Star News, 2NE1 YouTube Channel