CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa Responds to Shin Hae Chul’s Diss

On May 25th’s Episode of “Radio Star“, CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa talked about the general direction of CN Blue’s music. Yoon Jong Shin asked him, “People are saying that more than rock isn’t the music that CN Blue pursues closer to pop?”

Jung Yong Hwa replied, “Because we were just starting out we aimed at going for a pop approach that would appease the masses, but if you look at the other songs on our album that is not really true.

After some banter Kim Gu Ra asked a sensitive question to CN Blue, “Shin Hae Chul said, if CN Blue is a rock band then flies are birds.” (This is a common Korean saying, meaning that CN Blue are currently flies but if you call them a rock band, these flies are birds. A reverse of the common phrase, “If you are X, then I’m the queen of England etc.)

To this, Jung Yong Hwa replied, “Yes we heard about it, but first of all Shin Hae Chul is a sunbae who has done rock longer than us, I thought that he could have those kind of ideas about us. When we first started we knew that some people would see us that way, but we’ve only been around for a little over a year.” He also quoted Yoon Do Hyun (of YB Band) who said, Nobody can beat time and practice. So Jung Yong Hwa stated, “If we stay around for a longer time people will probably acknowledge us.

Then Kim Gu Ra asked, “Have you met Shin Hae Chul before?” and Jung Yong Hwa replied, “No.

To this Kim Gu Ra joked, “If you ever meet him you should wear fly costumes.