Shin Sae Kyung Becomes an Elegant “White Swan” Ballerina

Actress Shin Sae Kyung transformed into legendary Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova in a collaborative photo shoot between “InStyle” and “Sure.”

Shin Sae Kyung, who is currently the model for Jewelry brand Stone Henge, took part in a special donation campaign by shooting this photo spread. Stone Henge will give away a portion of the proceeds of the sales of the newly released Anna P Series to the “Green Umbrella Child Fund,” which is a child welfare organization dedicated to helping children in need.

Stone Henge stated that they decided to promote the campaign as they were impressed by the 22 year old young actress who cares for others and has a mature and warmhearted personality.

In the photo spread, Shin Sae Kyung is dressed in a light pink dress, looking gorgeous and elegant as she flaunts her graceful figure. The beautiful actress featured a romantic and feminine look through her milky skin and captivating looks which blends well with the light pink color of ballet shoes. On another photo, she pulled off the ballerina style perfectly with her slim figure by revealing her shoulder lines and her back.

Meanwhile, the actress is currently busy shooting the movie “Bisang: Close to Sun” along with Rain, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Sung Soo. She will be returning to the small screen with the drama “Tree with Deep Roots” later this year.

Source: CNEWS