2NE1’s Dara’s Yonsei University Lecture with English Subs

As previously reported, 2NE1’s Sandara Park gave a lecture at Yonsei University for a joint effort between Yonsei and YG Entertaiment regarding consumer behavior and marketing. If you think this is a strange choice it actually makes sense.

Sandara Park was actually a star in the Phillipines before returning to Korea as a YG trainee, then eventually as we all know ending up in 2NE1. This means she has worked in the entertainment business in two countries so she has had alot of experience with marketing and consumer behaviour.

Well, the reason for this article, apart from catching you up (click the linked text above for a more complete story) is to show you the now English subbed lecture!

What did you think of her lecture? I especially loved her creative introduction.

Video Source/Subbing: RoyalAceSubs @ dailymotion