YG On Air Episode 5

This weeks episode of “YG On Air” includes 2NE1 having hair an make-up done, cheesy dancing from Sandara Park, a reggae version of “Lonely,” footage of Big Bang Japan (Nagoya) tour, Seungri acting goofy on stage, weird dancing from GD, and a birthday surprise for Taeyang.

I love it when 2NE1 cover a song in reggae style, check out their reggae cover of “I Don’t Care.” Just watching them perform in this video with the band was a pleasure. Even without the crazy costumes and dancing, their talent and charisma makes them stand out.

Big Bang, what else can we say than they are true stars. On stage they are phenomenal talents that never fail to impress, but they’re also so fun and real with the audience.

The backstage and behind the scenes of both groups in this video help fans see more of how they are off stage and it seems like both groups love to have fun.


Source: 2NE1’s Official Youtube