2NE1 Sandara Park Designs Sneakers!

2NE1’s Sandara Park designed her own sneakers and showed them off. On May 27, through her metoday she wrote, “Tada! These are the sneakers that I designed at Adidas!! It’s really cute no? I made it while thinking about blackjack! Designer San’s first work of art!“ She also showed pictures of the sneakers.

Sandara Park also added, “This is a one of a kind and it seems like a waste wearing this just by myself, couple sneakers with Blackjack~ I would like to have couple sneakers but I’ll think about it!

The shoes in the picture have the logo “Blackjack” and it is the name of the sneakers design. In other news, 2NE1’s single “Lonely” was recently released and it reached number one on digital charts. Here’s a link for their music video!