Celeb Style File: Hyun Bin

Celeb Style File is our weekly in-depth look at a celebrity’s real-life style.  This week, we’ve chosen to feature the talented and handsome Hyun Bin, who most recently starred in the hit drama “Secret Garden” and the movie “Come Rain Come Shine”, which premiered in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival.   Here we look at his public appearances during the past year.

When someone suggested that we feature Hyun Bin, we immediately crumpled up the list of possible celebrities under consideration and shouted, “Hyun Bin?!?  YESSS!!!”  You see, now that the patriotic Hyun Bin has left for the Marines, we’re not seeing his gorgeous face anymore, so we welcome any excuse to look up his older pictures! 

Unfortunately, once we compiled some images from his recent appearances, we found ourselves wondering how we could defend some of his fashion.  At least last week, with Jang Geun Suk, if we stared long and hard enough, we could see how his style could be considered pretty cool.  But with Hyun Bin… we finally came to the conclusion that we can’t hop on board with some of his sartorial choices.  Can you excuse this leopard-print button down? 

Or these suits and jackets in oddly shiny fabrics?

If so, you are a better person than we are.  At this point, we’d gladly take Kim Joo Won’s blue sequined tracksuit!  (Okay, we would have taken the tracksuit regardless, as long as Kim Joo Won was in it.) 

And what is going on here?  He looks like he woke up, remembered that he had an event to attend, and put on some shoes.

You don’t have to apologize, Hyun Bin.  You’re so cute and so talented, we have to excuse you.  And all is not lost, because there are some decent looks mixed in there.  We’re definitely “Secret Garden” biased, but we think he looks best when his clothes resemble the classy but fashion-forward suits he wore in that drama. 

The backpack and sunglasses are cool, but Hyun Bin’s killer dimples are definitely his best accessory!

If this looks to you like any casual old outfit, think again — Soompi revealed that it’s actually very expensive!  (And was sewn on, one by one by one… just kidding.)

Hyun Bin and Lim Soo Jung make a pretty dashing (and coordinating) pair!

But not as awesome as Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won as a couple!  (How cute is Ha Ji Won here?  And how hot did she look at the Baeksang Awards the other day?) 

The last pairing pic to round it out… Hyun Bin with the gorgeous Song Hye Gyo in happier days.

And of course, we can never fault a guy for wearing a practical parka and backpack before leaving for the military…

… but we can fault a guy for wearing an outfit that looks like it was put together in the 1970’s.

Some more looks:

Favorite outfit: This is kind of tough.  There isn’t one that really stands out to us, but his appearance at the Philips event, in the classic tuxedo, and at the airport on the way to Berlin are not bad.

Least favorite outfit: Five words, one atrocious shirt: Silky leopard-print button-down.

As always, if you have suggestions for celebrities to feature, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate!  See you next weekend!

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