Stars and Their Complexes ★

Even glamorous stars who seem to have it all—the flawless looks, sizzling physiques, impressive acting skills, dancing and vocal skills, VIP treatment, ritzy life style—carry complexes. That’s why some celebrities constantly make an effort to cover up, change, or get rid of their complexes before the public finds out. They are willing to do whatever it takes, whether it be concealing it with makeup, going through multiple rounds of plastic surgeries, or sticking to grueling diet and workout plans–all to ‘appear’ picture perfect. On the other hand, some celebrities are cool about revealing their complexes and don’t seem to be bothered by them as much. Here is a collection of celebrities and their candid confessions about their complexes. Check out what your favorite stars don’t like about themselves! �de09

2AM’s Jin Woon

Jin Woon candidly confessed that his complex is his “arrow-shaped nose” during his appearance in KBS’s “Happy Together 3.”

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong appeared in KBS’s “Happy Together 3” and surprised everyone by claiming that he also has a complex about his looks when he seems to have it all—height and a strikingly handsome face. I mean what more can you ask for? Well it turns out that his complex is his beard marks. He explained “I’m a so-called idol and it’s bothering me that I have beard marks,” causing everyone at the set burst into laughter.  Also, in the past, he claimed that his complex is his “dark circles.” He confessed “If I don’t eat broccoli for around five days, my dark circles come all the way down to my nose.” He also made surprising remark, “My no-make up face looks like I’m wearing sunglasses due to my dark circles.”

Kim Jong Gook

As you may have guessed, Kim Jong Gooks’ complex is his small eyes. When hunky singer Kim Jong Gook first debuted, his management company didn’t let him take off his sunglasses on television because of his small eyes. He seriously considered receiving plastic surgery. His high-pitched voice, which doesn’t really go along well with his buff body, was also one of his complexes. However, as he gained confidence through exercising, he was able to overcome his complexes and become a beloved musician. And in 2005, he emerged as the best artist by sweeping all the end of the year Music Awards with his smash hit “One Man.” Along with Kim Jong Gook, male celebrities such as Rain, Kim Jae Dong, Kim Tae Woo share the same complex of having small eyes.

Kim Tae Hee

Even goddess Kim Tae Hee who has the looks of every girl’s dream has complexes. “I guess it’s because I don’t have a stunning body, but whenever I see actresses with great bodies, I can feel my complexes. I envy female celebrities like Shin Min Ah and Lee Hyori. I drool over their sexy photo spreads, too.” She also confessed that her “big teeth relative to her face size” and “ugly looking feet”as her complexes.

Shin Min Ah

The stunning actress who is acclaimed for having a sizzling, flawless body confessed that her hang-up used to be ‘baby face’ but these days it’s her “large pelvis.” She further added, “My thighs and hips are my complexes. I’ve always envied a slender physique because I don’t have one.”

Yoon Eun Hye

Previously, Yoon Eun Hye shared her thoughts about her complexes, claiming “I tend to easily swell up so I constantly go back and forth from gaining and losing 2kg. And I usually don’t work out, so it seems that everything I eat goes straight to body fat.” She also added “my trapezius muscle sticks up due to stress, but people tell me it’s like ‘the shoulder of statue of Venus’ so I feel good about it. Even if you personally think it’s a complex, if others find it nice then it can become one of your strong points. Recently, she claimed that her complex is her “ordinary looking face”further claiming, “My complex is how I look relatively ordinary when I’m next to a gorgeous, baby-doll like girl such as Park Han Byul.”

Baek Ji Young

Sexy diva Baek Ji Young confessed that her complex was her “chicken legs.” She added “The muscles on the back side of my thighs were well developed since I was young. I’m not saying that my legs are too thick, but if I could ask for a little more, I wish they were a bit longer and slimmer than now.”

Won Bin

Previously, Won Bin had claimed that he had never thought that he was good-looking before. And at the “Ajjusshi” press conference, in explaining why he chose to shoot an intense action film aside from his popular “pretty boy” image, Won Bin confessed “Although it’s not a complex, I wanted to try transforming into a tough guy as I shot this movie so I worked out and lost weight.” He added, “Everyone has complexes. I have mine too. However, my complex is a secret.”

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In

As you may all know, Ga-In complex is her small eyes with double eyelids. The reason that she conceals her no-makeup face is also because of this. However, she has been doing an excellent job in hiding her complex by fully taking advantage of impressive modern makeup techniques. She has been able to change her small single eyelid eyes into captivating eyes by drawing dark and thick eye lines through heavy smoky makeup. Fans have commented “I cannot imagine Ga-In with double eyelid eyes,” “She looks fine even by just drawing eye lines.”

Seo In Young

Whether it’s variety shows or on stage performances, Seo In Young always, always wears ‘kill heels.’ It’s because of her 160cm or so petite height. In almost all cases, she appears in TV programs wearing shoes with heels exceeding 10 cm. She is insecure about her small height to the point that when she went to a water park in MBC’s “We Got Married,” she would tip-toe when she had to walk without shoes. However, not only does Seo In Young wear heels to cover her small height but also as stylish fashion items. As you may have seen in “We Got Married,” she refers to her heels as ‘babies’ and is well-known as an avid fan of kill heels.

Ko Hyun Jung

The elegant actress confessed that her complex is her “face size.” In a past interview, Ko Hyun Jung claimed “I absolutely hate the word ‘full moon.’ I prefer half moon or crescent moon.” Joo Sang Wook and Um Tae Woong are also some celebrities who also carry complexes about their face size.

B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang

Lee Gi Kwang has a height complex. In his past appearance in “Happy Together 3,” he stated that his “real height is exactly 170 cm.” When asked to measure his height, he said “I will measure my height only in places such as Ministry of Health and Welfare offices where you can measure it accurately.”

Big Bang

G-Dragon has been the center of controversy after his recent appearance in MBC’s “Infinite Challenge.” In the show, when G-Dragon stood next to Park Myung Soo, the two appeared as have similar heights when technically G-Dragon should be relatively much taller since his profile states that he’s 177 cm while Park Myung Soo is only 171.5 cm tall.

Tae Yang also faced some embarrassment due to his short height relative to 180 cm tall John Park in a photo that they posed together. In the past, he stated in an interview that “When I was young, I used to hate my short height but now I fine with it.” Big Bang members might be a bit short, but it doesn’t really matter because they’re still the best! �de09


During her appearance in “Night After Night,” IU confessed that her complex used to be her “fairly flat and small nose.” IU further added, “Before my debut, I begged my entertainment agency to take me to a plastic surgery hospital. However, the doctor told me that even if I get my nose done, it would only go up 1mm because I have very thin skin. I headed back home, feeling disheartened.”

KARA members: “What are complexes?”

Kara members appeared on KBS’s “Happy Together 3” and unveiled their complexes…?! Park Gyu Ri claimed that her complex is her “no-make up face which is more beautiful than her make-up face,” while Han Seung Yeon confessed that her complex is her “unusually small head” because she has a hard time finding a hat that fits her since most of the hats available for sale happen to be too big for her. Also, Goo Hara unveiled her hang-up about “not gaining a lot of weight,” leaving all the guests and MCs dumbfounded. Kara’s youngest member Kang Ji Young delivered the last shot by claiming “I’m not sure what my complexes are, making everyone jealous of her.

Previously, in KBS’s “Star Golden Bell, Goo Hara had also confessed that her complex is her “gummy smile.” Following Goo Hara’s confession, Super Junior’s Shin Dong tried to cheer her up by claiming, “Compared to Eun Hyuk’s gummy smile, yours is nothing.” Shortly after, Eun Hyun made a big smile to show off (?) his gums and said “I tried looking up celebrities who have gummy smiles and there are stars like Won Bin and Lee Hyori.” MC Ji Suk Jin made everyone at the set laugh by stating “there’s also comedian Kim Young Chul.” Fans seem to find it more charming and attractive how she doesn’t necessarily conceal her complex and normally flashes big smiles, rather than considering it her complex.