Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye Volunteers in Haiti

Wonder Girls’ leader Sun Ye recently came back from doing community service in Haiti. On the 30th, someone posted photos of Sun Ye on a portal website community board under the title “Sue Ye Volunteering in Haiti – The Angel Is Here”. In the photos, Sun Ye seems to be having a great time with the local residents of Haiti, looking natural with her loosely tied pony tail and horn rimmed glasses.

The local residents of Haiti gathered around Sun Ye, showing great interest in the cell phone that she was holding. Sun Ye’s warm hearted personality is noticeable in the photo where she is wiping a kid who is lying on a hospital bed with sincere care. Netizens have praised, “Wow volunteering on top of her busy schedule,” “She looks lovely even without being all dressed up,” “She’s a warm-hearted celebrity.”