Actress Lee Young Ah Has a Conscience: Turned Down Diet CF

Actress Lee Young Ah candidly shared her thoughts about dieting and her experience of turning down a diet food CF on the recent episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart.” She surprised everyone by confessing “I used to weigh up to 78 kg during my pre-debut years.” The actress, who had attracted much attention in the past for personally uploading her slightly plump junior high graduation photo, confidently stated, “I’m not embarrassed of how I looked back then.

Lee Young Ah further revealed her story about refusing to film a diet food CF. She stated “I was shooting a diet food CF and the advertiser demanded me to say the provocative phrase ‘I don’t like fatties’ in it. As a person who used to be chubby in the past, I couldn’t stand that phrase. Plus I don’t dislike fatties, so I asked for that particular line to be dropped. However, the advertiser refused, so I ended up not shooting the CF.” She also claimed, “I like the way I look when I’m a bit chubby. If I wasn’t a celebrity, I probably wouldn’t have dieted to this extreme.”

The actress also confessed “Even nowadays, I constantly continue to gain and lose 3~5 kg due to yo-yo effect.” Super Junior’s Shin Dong, who was listening to Lee Young Ah’s comment, made everyone laugh by chipping in “That’s not yo-yo effect. Loosing 24 kg in two months and regaining 25 kg the following month is what we call a yo-yo effect.”