Plans for Kiss and Cry Season 2? Nothing Set in Stone

SBS’ “Yuna Kim’s Kiss and Cry” is currently making plans for season two. On May 22nd, “Kiss and Cry” had its first broadcast with Yuna Kim and Shin Dong Yup as emcees and the celebrity guests being, Kim Byung Man, Yoonho, Son Dambi, IU, Lee Kyu Hyuk, f(x)’s Krsytal, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Ah Hyun, Park Joon Geum, and Jin Ji Hee. Ten figure skaters are paired with these celebrities and do missions and performances while they prepare for Yuna Kim’s big figure skating show.

On June 2nd, Osen asked a person working for “Kiss and Cry” if they had any plans for Season 2. The answer was, “We have been preparing for that since last year. If figure skating becomes more loved by the masses through our program there wouldn’t be anything more worthwhile.”

The individual continued by stating, “Through Yuna Kim there was a growth in single female figure skaters however there still isn’t a lot of male figure skaters or even male ice skaters. If the program continues on with longevity we believe that the program will help the masses enjoy skating as a sport. That is why we are already considering a second season.”

“However, there is nothing that is set and stone. We don’t even have an agreement with Yuna Kim.

Source: Osen