"Beautiful Spy" Teaser Video Released

KBS’s upcoming drama “Beautiful Spy” teaser video of the script and filming has been released! The drama’s alternative name is “Myung-Wol the Spy” (direct translation of the Korean title).

Han Ye Seul and Eric filmed a scene at the Town House Gallery at 8 AM on June 3rd.

At the scene, viewers can watch Han Ye Seul as she displays a charismatic role of a warrior with her expert shiper shooting skills. Her intense gaze showed her character had no pity and will spare no mercy upon her targets. Eric who takes the role of Hallyu Star Kang Woo fails to concentrate from the distractions of many fans camped at the shooting location – causing them to burst into laughter, postponing the scene for later. It shows how the comeback of Eric, from the legendary idol group Shinhwa, is garnering attention and heightened expectations from his fans.

Immediately following the conclusion of the teaser video, Ye Seul and Eric moved to the annex KBS . Taking over three hours to read the script, the entire cast tackled their roles with passion and enthusiasm.

Lee Jin Wook once again showed off his acting skills to voice his character perfectly. To increase realistic portrayal as North Koreans for the drama, Han Ye Seul, Lee Jin Wook, and kim Ha Kyun has received advice and tips from North Koreans Ambassadors.

Beautiful Spy” will tell the story of a spy (Han Ye Seul) from North Korea coming down to the South to kidnap male celebrity Kang Woo (Eric). The cast has been confirmed with Han Ye Seul, Eric Moon, Lee Jin Wook, Jang Hee Jin, Lee Deok Hwa, Jo Hyeong Gi, Yoo Ji In, and more! Directed by Hwang In Hyeok, “Beautiful Spy” will begin airing on July 4, 2011.

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Source: Nate News

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