Shaun Evaristo’s Back to Korea; Thanks Minzy and Hints at New Project with YG

Most should be familiar with Los Angeles based choreographer and dancer Shaun Evaristo.  For the past few years Shaun has worked closely with YG Entertainment artists.  He has most notably worked with Big Bang, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Se7en, and of course 2NE1. Shaun recently created the choreography for Big Bang’s comeback album performances.  For the past week Shaun has been reporting from Korea.  He started off by mentioning how he was getting re-acclimated to the familiar surroundings in South Korea to which he referred to as his, “second home”.

Shaun went on to write about how he was excited to see 2NE1 and his latest project with the company.  Here is what he had to say:

“This time I’ve been able to reconnect with the girls 2ne1. They’ve grown up so fast and not that were crazy different in age but I’ve been able to see their career before they were even an official group or had a name. so to see them at the groups infancy to having a full blown career and now fin coming into their own is super cool to watch and also be a part of. Feels good to know that I’ve been there from the start, they trust me and I Enjoy their company when they aren’t so caught up with being busy.

Korea is like a second home now; I just wish I had friends and people to share it with more often. I should ask YG if I can bring some people next time, haha. I like what I have and happy to do my work here. Also I’m excited for the future project I have coming next with the company. ‘til next post, thanks for reading. �de42


Next he left a post thanking the YG Entertainment dancers.  With his message he uploaded a photo of the dancing staff to which he said:

YG Dancers group photo

“Thank u to the YG family dancers for working hard this week! You guys are a lot of fun; sorry I’m mean some times lol. see u soon:) these people are a tight knit group that really show love for one another on a daily basis, they work till whenever and for hours without complaint, they wait patiently for any choreographer or artist to do their thing and help with new dancers anyway they can. I give it to them and even though I can’t understand much Korean, I see clearly the person inside them”

Another little treat from Shaun as he uploaded a picture of himself standing with 2NE1’s maknae, Gong Minzy, where he was seen holding an article from Chrome Hearts.  Along with the picture he wrote:

Shaun Evaristo and Gong Minji

“Minji is officially one of the sweetest girls ever! She hooked it up my very 1st Chrome Hearts gift! I really fit into the YG Fam now haha.”

He even gave us a peak behind the scenes for what it’s like to be a YG trainee.  A photo he uploaded showing the current YG Staff watching intently as the trainees performed.

“Talk about intimidating. YG trainees are new talents training to be an artist, and every so often the whole YG Family comes to watch them and see their progress. Including the producers, the established artists, the choreographers, etc. man I couldn’t imagine doing that…. it was fun watching tho! Hey if you want it bad enough you do what it takes. And I’m sure it’s good to see what talent progresses and comes out on top. They did really well btw! K-pop is no joke, jus sayin.”

Shaun was able to spend some time with YG president Yang Hyun Suk.“…this past trip I got to roll with YG in his ride. cool just talking with him, lots of respect for the guy and what he’s done for the Korean music industry”

Are you looking forward to Shaun and YG Entertainment’s next work of art?  What do you think it is?  Who do you think it will be about?

Source: shaunevaristo@tumblr
Photos: shaunevartisto@tumblr