2AM’s First Fan Meeting in Taiwan

2AM successfully wrapped up their first fan meeting in Taiwan last night. The four members arrived on June 2nd; although it was their first time to Taiwan, there were more than 300 Taiwanese fans waiting and screaming in the airport, showing their high popularity overseas.

Known for his crazy but cute image from the popular reality show “We Got Married”, leader Jo Kwon especially drew lots of attention. Because he was paired as couple with Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls, there were fans wearing masks with their faces showed up in the airport, to show their support for the cute Adam couple.

Eagle-eyed fans went all crazy and hyped when they noticed Jo Kwon was wearing a pair of light green sneakers, because it was a gift from his virtual wife Ga In. It seems like though they are now no longer on the show anymore, they are still the lovely Adam couple remembered by all the fans!

At the press conference, the youngest member Jinwoon talked about how other members took really good care of him. He said Seulong often lends him his own clothes, Jo kwon would let him go to his room to put on facial mask together, and Changmin cooks for him all the time. It was really sweet of them taking care of their little brother so well!

During the fan meeting event last night, 2AM performed 6 songs, including their famous ballad “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die”. Although the event was an hour late due to some audio problem, 700 fans still showed their full passion once the members were out on the stage, especially when Jo Kwon started to do his famous SNSD dance parody once again!

Source: Chinatimes.com