Sandara Park and Park Bom are ‘Park’ Sisters!

2NE1‘s member Park Bom recently revealed a sel-ca of Sandara Park and herself. Their facial expressions are somewhat quirky.

Park Bom revealed on June 5th through her me2day page, stating: ‘We are Park sisters kekekeke. It was hilarious so the photo came out sort of bad. We just finished activities at the Phillipines for the day, and are having our meal kekeke.’ They sure emphasize their love towards each other!

In the photo, Park Bom can be seen giving a thumbs up while Sandara Park can be seen raising her finger. Both have big eyes and are as cute as ever!

Netizens commented, ‘Both are so pretty!’ ‘Park sisters are the best!’ 

2NE1 are currently promoting their latest single “Lonely” via YouTube. Park Bom earlier released her new solo track “Don’t Cry.The group is expected release their new track on Thursday.

source: nate