Lizzy Reveals “Uee Throws Knee Kicks, Sleeps with Her Eyes Open”

After School’s Lizzy surprised Uee by unveiling secrets about her on yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “Night after Night.” During her guest appearance, Lizzy started off by revealing “Uee shows completely different sides of herself depending on whether she’s in front of males or females.” She added “In front of the members, she even throws knee kicks, punches, and does head locks.” Uee, who seemed a bit blushed, said “I do that to get closer with the members. But I get embarrassed because they just leave with showing any reaction.”

However, Lizzy didn’t stop from disclosing her secrets. She continued questioning Uee, “You sleep with your eyes open, right?” and Uee replied “Yes.” Lizzy stunned Uee by further adding, “I almost started a conversation with her once.”

Following their conversation, Big Bang’s Seungri who was beside them started staring at Uee, stating “Her eyes are so big indeed that it’s possible that they really might not close.” Meanwhile, this episode gained much attention for revealing Kim Jae Dong’s expensive birthday day present for Uee.