Kim Hyun Joong Spots a Fainted Teenage Fan during His First Showcase

One female teenager fan fainted during Kim Hyun Joong’s first showcase for his new album “Break Down” on June 7th. More than 4,000 fans from all over Asia packed the Jang Choong stadium to see his solo comeback, which they have been anticipating for over a year.

Also SS501’s Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong made a surprise appearance and held a talk session together. They were in the middle of their conversation when Kim Hyun Joong, with an anguished and shocked expression, asked all of a sudden, “Did she faint?” Then he stood up and asked the security team for help as he stared at the blacked out fan with a concerned face. The fan was taken outside by the security team and it was told that she later recovered without much trouble after resting for five minutes.

Kim Hyun Joong requested “I understand that you all want to get a closer view of me. But please show some consideration for people in front of you as you each take one step back.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong gave performances of “Break Down,” “Please,” “One More Time,” and “Kiss Kiss” during the showcase.