2NE1’s Dara: I’ve Matured

“It is one of my biggest dreams to perform here, at the Araneta Coliseum,” 2NE1’s Dara Park said in straight Filipino, wowing her and 2NE1’s Filipino fans who packed the venue on June 4 for The Party, their one-night-only performance in the Philippines.

Dara, who once lived in the Philippines, joined a local talent search in 2004. The then 19-year-old Sandara, nicknamed “Sandy” landed a finalist slot that kickstarted her show business career as a contract artist of TV network ABS-CBN.

On her recent return to the country as one-fourth of 2NE1, Dara spoke to journalist Korina Sanchez from her former home network.

“I’ve matured,” she said, of the difference between the Sandy who left the Philippines in 2007 and the 2NE1 Dara who came back. “I’m still the same krung-krung (a Filipino colloquial term that roughly translates to 4D), but more mature.”

In the same interview, the singer-actress revealed that she has been back to the country twice in secret for vacations.

Dara’s Filipino fans would be happy to know that she is still very fluent in the language.

“Please keep supporting me, and also 2NE1,” she said. Her parting shot, “Mahal ko kayo (I love you)” was the same catchphrase she had made her trademark.

via ABS-CBN News